Hello world!

Well this is it……

My chance to put the record straight without any interference from the lard-arsed, procrastinating piece of tissue I have the unfortunate pleasure of living inside.

Wow!……. let me calm down a second…………. The freedom is liberating.

Okay I’m fine now…. quick nicotine buzz goes a long way.

I will safely assume your own brains will respond to this message accordingly

Read the “about me” and “terms and conditions” before reading further!        

So I hope you will learn to love this weblog.

Carl calls it an experiment in creative writing or some rubbish…..Seriously, this is the guy that decided on Dynamic Reality for the name of his own blog…… who the hell knows what that means.

Confession: The name was my idea……… muahahaha (an evil laugh)

So this will be the nature of my scribblings, I haven’t got the time to string long arse boring sentences together to form a coherent paragraph with proper structure and all that blah blah blah…….

I prefer short bursts of genius as I have more important tasks to perform that you wouldn’t understand

You can find my host (why would you want to when you’ve got me) using the links ruining my nice calming background colour.

Confession: I was going to put his Facebook on there too, but apparently its his personal domain, where is so-called friends hang out… I’ll try to sneak the bugger on when he’s asleep 😉

This concludes my first scribbling, my glucose fix needs satisfying



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