The Toothache Stimulation

Its been a very busy day….

Pain receptors have been firing at me all day long with little or no let up….

I hate toothache!!!

It started this afternoon when a filling decided it couldn’t take the years of glucose and nicotine abuse and broke free….

Leaving behind in its wake, what the tongue interpreted as a giant cavity…… funny how the tongue is like a magnifying glass for the sense of touch!

Minutes later the pain receptors began firing, up the spinal cord waking me from my slumber and pissing me right off!!!

Every time I requested my usual nicotine fix the receptors went berserk, meaning I’m being starved now, which doesn’t bode well when I was already annoyed and cranky.

Annoyed because the lazy, idiotic lump I inhabit isn’t registered with one of those magicians who puts metal in your mouth and pulls coins from your pocket…

Cranky because I haven’t had chance to relax all day, despite the various home remedies Carl has tried: Clove oil, Listerine, Paracetamol and temporary tooth filler. The pain receptors are relentless little gits…

Finally the lard-arse made an appointment at an emergency dentist, pain is a great motivator thankfully.

Appointment is in 22 hours, at what point does that constitute an emergency! I need food and rest….

So The Scribbling Brain has become the The Screaming Brain for the next day…


Seriously I can’t think straight, I just want Carl to take a hammer to the side of his face….

Not a chance in hell of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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