The Weather Fluctuation

One hour the sun is shining,  the next it’s raining, then it’s cold and occasionally it’s warm…

Why on earth are we so preoccupied with the weather,  I can see the logic if you wanted to bore somebody to death with small talk…

Once you reach adulthood you have undoubtedly experienced all the types of weather in your region, so unless something epic happens, like snow in the Sahara or a severe hurricane heading for Europe it’s pretty much business as usual…

Weather presenters will proclaim “sunshine to start the day followed by rain moving into the area after lunch, with a high of 6 degrees”….  Who cares!

The thing is most people wake up, they hurriedly get dressed, shovel some down some soggy cereal, walk to their cars “oh shit it’s raining!!” before they have chance to finish the thought,  they’re turning the ignition and driving to work….

The rest of the day you’ll most likely be in work, in a house, in a shop,  in a restaurant, in a bar, in a friends, in a car, in a train, in an aeroplane and hopefully in clothes…

In is kinda short for inside, something this species has been perfecting for a while now….

Inside we control our own weather, so feel free to say ” its freezing in here, can you switch the heating on?” or “what you trying to do, recycle your own air, crack a window” because we can respond accordingly and change the inside climate…..

But please give over complaining about the outside weather,  “it’s far too cold today” or “I wish this rain would stop” because as small talk its boring and makes me issue a yawn response and as a statement its absolutely pointless as nobody can do much to change it…

Worse still “how bad is this weather?” and “It never gave this on the weather report yesterday” statements like these are a complete insult to my auditory nerve and I’m tempted to issue a motor response, causing my hosts arm to quickly connect with the stupid persons face…

Forget weather reports, try looking out of a window and using your eyes, definitely more accurate….

This rant is sponsored by WordPress for Android and is essentially a test post, but with some added meat for your brains to chew on….



One Response to “The Weather Fluctuation”

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Love your article.

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